November 29, 2021


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Best OnePlus 8 Pro Cases 2021

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The OnePlus 8 Pro can last a long time if you protect it, and heavy-duty cases like the Revolution offer that protection in spades. Not only does this case come with a screen protector, but it also has a kickstand on the back for propping it up on your desk or nightstand.

This case might not be textured like the Spigen Liquid Air, but it trades that texturing for a slimmer profile and more eye-catching color. It also comes in black, but the burgundy Wine Red adds a little colorful sophistication to your 8 Pro.

$10 at Amazon

I’ve loved the Liquid Air line since it launched a few years ago, offering up the grip on the back and sides of the phone while still being slim in hand and even enough to work with PopSockets and magnetic car mount plates.

$12 at Amazon

This dual-layer case comes in four colors, including a blue that should help the Ultramarine Blue pop, and the squishy TPU corner bumpers should help mitigate those dreaded corner drops.

Combine a robust bumper with a crystal clear back, and you get the best of both worlds; something that’s protective but still showcases the darling color of your OnePlus 8 Pro. I’m partial to the Turquoise, but the Camo Black hides smudges.

If you just want to add a little grip and a little protection against scuffs and scratches, this snap-on case is your no-bulk solution. Also, if you’re jealous of all the warm, fuzzy colors that the OnePlus 8’s Interstellar Glow can do, there are pink and red options here.

From $12 at Amazon

Caseology’s TPU case is mostly covered by a texture that looks plain but feels almost leathery in the hand in the best way possible. The accenting around the camera module adds some style and personality to the case.

$13 at Amazon

OnePlus has an Official Nylon case it’s selling for the OnePlus 8, but for the Pro, you’ll have to turn to third-party case makers for that same tactile feeling. It’s not the same (the back here is polycarbonate instead of Nylon), but the look and feel are the same.

From $10 at Amazon

UAG makes some of the more durable cases on the market, and the Plasma offers up that durability in a grippy, translucent package. The rubberized corners and honeycomb back should help your 8 Pro survive repeated drops without shattering that beautiful glass.

$40 at Amazon

This alternative to the Spigen Liquid Air features a slightly different texture. It comes in three colors: regular goes-with-everything Black, a nice muted Celadon grey, and classic and cool navy blue. It’s also thin enough for wireless charging!

$9 at Amazon

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