November 27, 2021


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Get the Galaxy experience on your iPhone with Samsung’s ‘iTest’ app

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Samsung is the largest Android manufacturer globally, meaning it has no shortage of customers using its devices. That doesn’t mean it should stop trying to lure more people into buying its phones, and it seems now that Samsung wants to tempt iPhone users to move over to the dark side. The company has launched a new web app experience called iTest that puts the Galaxy experience on an iPhone.

According to MacRumors Samsung is advertising the app in New Zealand, although the experience is open to everyone with an iPhone. iTest allows iPhone users to play around with a mock version of Android, complete with apps and notifications. Obviously, the experience is fairly limited, but it seems to give iPhone users a good idea of what it’s like to own one of the best Samsung phones.

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The experience is full of simulated tutorials and demos, and you’ll even get a call that informs you all about the features found on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21.

If this sounds familiar, Microsoft did the same thing back in the day with Windows Phone (RIP). Microsoft released a demo web app for iOS and Android that gave users the Windows Phone 7.5 experience, back when it was trying to coax users onto its troubled platform. Of course, Windows Phone devices had a pretty small market share, so it made sense as an act of desperation, but Samsung’s Galaxy devices are more or less everywhere, so it’s a curious move for the company to make.

If you’ve got an iPhone (we know some of you do) then you can head over to the iTest website and scan the QR code to install the web app.

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