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Google has announced his Chabot named “BARD” in rival CHATGPT

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BARD Google new Chatbot

Google, a major player in technology, has revealed intentions to introduce Bard, an AI-based chat program, to compete with ChatGPT, which has recently gained popularity.


  • To make using the web easier and more natural, Google is introducing AI-powered features in search results.
  • With the help of LaMDA, a brand-new conversational AI service named Bard will provide users with precise and excellent responses.
  • Google is dedicated to enhancing its search capabilities for consumers, and in the next days and weeks it will keep doing so.

Google said today that Bard, a chatbot, will be released “in the coming weeks.” The debut looks to be a reaction to Chat GPT, the wildly successful AI chatbot created by company OpenAI with support from Microsoft.

The statement comes as internet search, Google’s flagship product, is reportedly facing its worst risk in years. In the two months after it went public, ChatGPT has been used to answer certain queries that people may have previously looked for on Google, as well as to create essays, poems, and song lyrics.

Bard is already accessible to “trusted testers,” according to a blog post by Sundar Pichai, and it was created to hide the “breadth of the world’s information” behind a conversational interface. This, according to Google, will enable it to make the chatbot available to more people and collect feedback to help fix issues with the caliber and accuracy of the Chabot’s replies.

Recent AI innovations from the business, like LaMDA, Imagen, MusicLM and PaLM provide consumers whole new ways to interact with data.

Beginning with search, Google is aiming to include these most recent developments into its services. For Example of what Google’s AI features would seem like in action, see the screenshot below. For a remark from Google’s CEO on a brand-new service that is similar to ChatGPT, read on.

Pichai said, “Google is relying on a version of LaMDA that requires less computing power so it can serve more users and improve with their feedback”

Pichai said “Google also plans to give technology tools, first powered by LaMDA and later by other AI, to creators and enterprises starting next month.”

Pichai said that Google’s popular Search function will soon start to roll out AI-powered services.

There may be various hazards if Google does push more in the direction of integrating an AI chatbot tool into search. Experts have highlighted that these tools are trained using data from the internet, they have the ability to promote prejudices and promote false information.

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