June 20, 2021


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Lenovo Legion Duel 2 video teardown investigates why it bent so simply

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Previous this month, Lenovo made the Legion Duel 2 gaming smartphone legitimate, and Zack from JerryRigEverything promptly determined to matter it to his now-trademark “sturdiness take a look at”. The end result used to be reasonably surprising, because the Duel 2 simply snapped in 3 portions throughout the bend take a look at.

As of late Zack’s again with a teardown video of the telephone, hoping to peer what at the within explains the snapping in items. Sooner than we get to that, even though, the standard approach of having within applies – warmth plus razorblade.

The again glass comes out in thirds, which is not that sudden making an allowance for how the telephone broke. The center piece appears to be probably the most removal-resistant, because it breaks whilst being pried, and beneath that we will see the fanatics.

The ultrasonic buttons/triggers are glued into the body, and the battery is not one battery however two. There is a twin vibration motor within as smartly, and a few minor protections towards water. The vapor chamber is without doubt one of the greatest ever, serving to stay the innards cool along side the fanatics.

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