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Should we buy the Galaxy S23?

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Yes, the Galaxy S23 models not only have the most modern processor and 5G modem technology on a phone in the near future, but they also have double the basic storage of their rivals for the same price, at least in the S23+ and Ultra cases.

When we consider the special 200MP HP2 camera sensor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best buy at this price point.

No, don’t get a Galaxy S23 for

model if you don’t believe that increasing camera resolution improves photo quality much.

If you believe your existing phone’s 5G is fast enough, the Galaxy S23 models     will retain the same 10GB 5G download rates as its rivals, which no carrier can currently provide.

Should we upgrade from Galaxy S22 to the Galaxy S23?

The Galaxy S23 series provides a minor boost to the hardware of the lower models but a significant jump in terms of design, on the other hand the S23 Ultra does the same. Samsung brings its A-game to compete with iPhone Top models, and it succeeds, even as Galaxy S23 Ultra has the best 200MP camera sensor on a phone to date, having the best low-light photography performance, whereas it and the S23/S23+ shine with the speediest processing on an Android phone, a larger battery, and better 5G connectivity.

Since Samsung now offers the same favorable purchase terms as its successors, the Galaxy S23 models would be a zero to upgrade to, especially the S23 Ultra, which is the most blinged-out phone available.

The price of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23.

amsung maintained the S23 new line pricing the same as last year, but twice the Galaxy S23+ capacity and added a new 512GB model to the S23, with a starting price of $799 for the 128GB. The Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at $1,199.99 before trade-in offers on carriers.

ModelStorage with Price
Galaxy S23$859 (256GB), $799 (128 GB)
Galaxy S23+$1119 (512GB), $999 (256 GB)
Galaxy S23 Ultra$1619 (1TB)$1299, (512GB),$1199 (256GB)

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