July 28, 2021


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The Surface Duo expands to international markets from February 18th

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Surface Duo Pen HeadphonesSource: Daniel Rubino / Android Central

After launching last year in the U.S. only, the Surface Duo is finally coming to parts of Europe and Canada (via The Verge). It’ll be launching next week on February 18th, five months after the launch of the Duo launched in in the U.S. It is accompanying a price-drop in the U.S, where the Duo will now cost $999, but it’ll be a bit more expensive in Europe, setting users back £1349 and €1549 in the UK and Germany respectively.

The Surface Duo will be sold at the regular UK Microsoft Store and Currys, but the company says that there will no pre-orders though.

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Microsoft’s Surface Duo is an interesting concept and a unique style of foldable. It’s not like the Galaxy Flip or the Galaxy Fold, both of which offer flexible screens. It’s two screens connected by a hinge, allowing to avoid the reliability issues which plagued early generations of foldables. That said, it was certainly buggy at launch, with our review being more than a little bit critical.

It’s been a few months and a few updates later however, so perhaps the Surface Duo is a better buy in 2021 than it was in 2020.

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