December 2, 2021


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This 47% off Amazon Fire HD 10 Prime Day deal is way too good to miss

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Each year Amazon’s Prime Day you’re going to find some savings on a lot of products, especially when it comes to Amazon devices — and this year’s no different. The company recently updated its most powerful tablet, the Amazon Fire HD 10, and lucky for you, it’s getting a killer discount for Prime Day, knocking almost 50% off the regular price.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Reco

Amazon Fire HD 10 32GB | $70 off at Amazon

Not only does this tablet offer Amazon’s biggest and best display, but also the most powerful. With all of that power at your fingertips, there no task you can’t accomplish with it.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 has been a stalwart on our list of best Android tablets, and with its recent upgrade, it won’t be leaving that list anytime soon. That’s because Amazon has done an excellent job of offering great hardware and solid performance at its usual pretty great price of $149.99, but for Prime Day, you get to pick it up for a fantastic price of $79.99.

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The Fire HD 10 has a 10.1″ HD display that looks good whether you are watching a movie, responding to emails, or playing a game. Speaking of movies and games, all of that entertainment will fly on this tablet thanks to the 3GB RAM and octa-core processor. Plus, it’ll sound fantastic coming from the Dolby Atmos tuned dual speakers.

You’ll find 32GB of built-in storage for downloading games or movies, but if you plan to save a lot of files for offline use, don’t worry because, with expandable storage, you can pop in one of the best memory card Amazon Fire tablets and be good to go.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Lifestyle

Source: Amazon

Don’t forget about Alexa. Because this is an Amazon device, you’ll have full use of Alexa with the Fire HD 10. Accessing your digital assistant is as easy as with other awesome Alexa speakers that you may be more familiar with using. But, if at any time you want to, you can disable the service entirely.

Aside from making great devices, Amazon makes a point to try to be environmentally friendly thanks to its Climate Pledge Friendly program. By designing its products to use recycled materials from the devices themselves to the packaging used, down to the devices’ energy efficiency, you can know that you’ll be getting an excellent tablet while making less of an impact on the planet.

If you are looking for a slightly smaller tablet, an out-of-the-box productivity powerhouse, or a tablet with more RAM, you might want to consider one of Amazon’s other Prime Day deals on something like the Fire HD 8 Plus. If that’s the case, don’t worry, we’ve got you with those deals too.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Reco

Amazon Fire HD 10 64GB

The Amazon Fire HD 10 64GB is a mirror image of the 32GB model but doubles the built-in memory. While it still offers expandable memory, if you want more headroom in the built-in storage before needing a microSD card — this is the one for you.

$120 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Prod Bund

Amazon Fire HD 10 32GB Productivity Bundle

This bundle will get you a Bluetooth keyboard case, and a year of Microsoft 365 so you can use your Fire HD 10 32GB for both work and play right from the jump.

$120 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Plus 32gb

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus 32GB

This tablet takes everything that the 32GB version of the Fire HD 10 can do and bumps it up a notch. By increasing the RAM from 3GB to 4GB, the Plus version will handle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

$110 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 10 2021 Reco

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus 64GB

The Fire HD 10 Plus 64GB model is the best that Amazon has to offer. Giving you the best performance, biggest display, and the most internal storage — this is the power user’s tablet.

$150 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 64gb

Amazon Fire HD 8 32GB

If you are looking for a tablet with solid performance in a more manageable size, then the Fire HD 8 is perfect, especially at 50% off. Not only do you get a great-looking HD display, but it’s also got the same Dolby Atmos dual speakers as the Fire HD 10 tablet.

$45 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Plus 32gb

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus 64GB

The Fire HD 8 Plus 64GB is the performance model in Amazon’s 8″ tablet range. You’ll get 3GB RAM instead of 2GB in the standard version and double the amount of built-in storage at 64GB.

$95 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 64gb

Amazon Fire HD 8 64GB

With the Fire HD 8 64GB model, you get a solid performing tablet with an HD display in a manageable package with a good amount of built-in storage to load all of your favorite games and movies onto.

$75 at Amazon

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Plus 32gb

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus 32GB

If you want the best performing midsized tablet Amazon offers but only need 32GB of built-in storage — the Fire HD 8 Plus 32GB model is perfect for you. Should you need more storage, you can always add a microSD card.

$65 at Amazon

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