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This country will have 6G before the rest of the world

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The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT said on Monday that South Korea will establish its own 6G network in 2028, using reducing technology and innovative software-based mobile networks, as well as improving its network supply chains.

New generations of network connectivity have always promised us great advances, allowing new technologies to develop and improve our daily lives. When 4G launched, we got to enjoy genuinely high internet connections, which enabled many of today’s mobile phone apps.

We are now in the fifth generation of wireless internet, or 5G, which, to be honest, has yet to be properly utilized and applied. It has not only not reached many regions of the world but it also does not perform properly in most circumstances since it is simply deflected.

As per Zhang Yongtao, deputy general manager of Ericsson China Technology Department, 6G will merge the virtual and real worlds, making holographic communication a reality rather than a science fiction dream.

Yet, industries and nations continue to compete the next big thing in mobile networks, and it appears that South Korea is working hard to break through first. The government’s Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies said on Monday that it intends to offer 6G network services in 2028. This is two years early than anticipated.

The South Korean government wants to reach this high aim by rewarding local firms to provide the materials, equipment, and parts required to expand wireless internet even further. The country has also indicated it wants to boost its supply chain while focusing its research on the most modern “6G tech and software”.

Western European countries, along with the United States, have been at the front of wireless network technology. That changed with 5G, which was and continues to be led by South Korea, which accounted for 25.9% of 5G patents in 2022, and China, which accounted for 26.8% of 5G patents. In the battle for 6G, the South Korean government hopes to expand it to 30%.

In Pakistan, the government has agreed to launch 5G by June of this year, although it is unclear whether the inauguration would take place on that day. PTA has already given advice on how to prepare your cellphones for 5G use before it is released.

It’s vital to remember that 6G is still an unknown at this stage. It is possible to imagine that it will transport us into the future and make Sci-Fi notions a reality, but no one knows how the benefits of the 6th-generation wireless internet will affect the industry.

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